FBC Essentials

Starting September 24, 2017, we are offering an exciting Adult Discovery Group for new members of Forestville Baptist Church. This class is designed to explain the history of our church, the details of our Statement of Faith, and fundamental lessons for new believers. The class is open to everyone so if there is a lesson that interests you please feel free to join us. A light breakfast will be shared in each session.

FBC Essentials will be held September 24 through November 12, each Sunday morning starting at 10:00am.

Course Plan

A Place To Belong

Session One:: FBC history, Statement of Faith, Tour of campus
Session Two: Why membership matters: Thinking globally, loving locally. How to become a member at FBC              

A Place To Grow

Session Three: Understanding my decision: Assurance, the need of salvation, who provided salvation, how we were saved. New Identity – Sharing my personal testimony
Session Four: Learning to live with joy and to remain content
Session Five: Prayer: Why pray, How to pray, Whom do we pray to
Session Six: How to study the Bible – Hear it, Read it, Memorize it, meditate on it, Why read and study the Bible

A Place To Serve

Session Seven: Christian Stewardship – Effectively worshipping God with time, talents, and treasures
Session Eight: Spiritual gifts inventory review and discussion. Ministry Opportunities Document and Ministry Fair